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Entertainment Orientation Course
Orientation Course
by James R. Jaeger II
ISBN 0-9723274-5-2
Digital Book: $205
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9 Volumes

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The Entertainment Orientation Course can accelerate the progress of your film career as a film executive or studio head.

Come study with us on-line at the Lee Garmes Cinema Institute, or purchase these manuals and study at home. Either way, the courses are designed so you can go at your own pace as you lean all aspects of motion picture script development, packaging, financing, production, management and marketing at the production company and studio-level. More

The Curriculum includes:

  • The Production Course
  • The Development Course
  • The Film Marketing Course
  • The Film Communications Course
  • The Production Services Course
  • The Finance Course
  • The Senior Executive Course
  • The Quality Control Course
  • The Basic Staff Course

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