Art Director Hat
by James Jaeger

The Art Director is responsible for creating and maintaining the overall photographic consistency of the art elements connected with the production, such including the design, construction and coloration of the sets and props as well as the main and end titles on the finished picture. The Art Director works closely and in cooperation with the Director and is responsible to the Producer or the Producer's designee. Duties and responsibilities include the following:

o Maintaining accuracy and consistency for elements appearing in period or futuristic pictures.

o Breaking down the script for the quantity and type of props, furniture, window, floors, ceilings dressings, and all other set materials and functioning in close cooperation with the Set Decorator, Key Carpenter and Property Master.

o Visualizing, designing and supervising the creation of storyboards.

o Visualizing, designing and supervising the creation of sets, props and costumes.

o Designing and/or selecting individual set decorations, props, mechanical devices and dressings.

o From the script, storyboard and breakdowns, working with the Director and Production Manager in preparing the itemized budget for the Art Department as authorized by the Producer Unit.

o Coordinating the overall "look" of the picture if requested by the Director.

o Supervising, as a stable artist-executive, the work of the Key Carpenter, Set Decorator, Property Master, Costume Designer and Key Make-up Artist as required by the Director and in close cooperation.

o Attending location Survey trips with the Director when requested.

o Working with the Location Manager in lining up locations to shoot in for final approval of the Director.

o Designing titles for the picture and supervising their production when needed.

o Providing sketches, detailed drawings, paintings and construction plans as required by the director and/or producer and approved in the budget.

o Providing art material to accomplish this the duties of this Hat with the expectation that he or she will be reimbursed for authorized expenditures in accordance with policy.


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