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Movie Mogul Manual
The Movie Mogul Manual®
by James R. Jaeger II
ISBN 0-9723274-0-1
Digital Format: $500
Includes: Book of Budgets
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1,183 Pages on CD interactive with Web

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The Movie Mogul Manual is for the accomplished producer or executive who wants to increase organizing skills. An abridged version of the Studio Executive Reference Library, The Manual is for the executive or manager who wants to establish and operate an ongoing production company, mini-major studio or independent news organization.

With The Manual you will gain valuable insights into how to organize productions for top efficiency and expand operations for a continuous output of quality films and programs.

One of the most valuable sources of information on film production and company organization at any price, The Movie Mogul Manual will help you set policies and establish job descriptions for all executives, staff and crew in your company.

Make product flow, avoid "development hell," and stay on budget with The Movie Mogul Manual. More

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